Sunday, September 27, 2009

Bruised and Battered

You'd think by now I'd know better right? Wrong !!!! The past few months have tested my sanity, my faith and my strength. We're in the process of selling our home something I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. Having to run out of your home for a complete stranger to walk through is very unnerving. Sometimes my little one's had just gone off to sleep or I'd just made lunch only to have to grab it and run. To add fuel to my pain my parents are not well. My mother just got out of the hospital and while on a business trip my father suffered a stroke.
I'm the oldest and seeing this road my parents health is on I've prayed to God and told Him" Dear Lord, I'm not ready" I know who am I to say this like" Who ever is." I've cried out loud sobbing uncontrollably, I just don't know anything right now. I'm surrounded by selfish uncaring in-laws who decided to ask me if I was able to get her an autograph from a friend of mine who is a Hall of Fame NFL player. Like oh man really your dad had a stroke well um yea let's talk about that autograph. I'm tired of trying with these people. Even some animals have more care and compassion. Trust me when I say my sister in law didn't fall far from the tree. My mother in law is a woman who has spent her life manipulating people and it's back fired miserably. Her husband hasn't had a steady job in over six years, if she spent more time manipulating those classified ads and his resume she'd be doing something. This is a family of scheming, manipulative people who would set you on fire if they thought they could get what they wanted. Want to see a mirror? Mother in law cheats on ex-husband and marries current husband (number 3). Daughter cheats on husband and gets mother to pay for divorce and moves into her second home. Her F Buddy hangs out over there using the computer and probably eating nachos and drinking a corona. Daughter pays mother no rent and probably has no intent to pay her mother back the close to 13k she owes her for a divorce attorney. mother in law saw nothing wrong with her daughter committing adultery. HMMM wonder why? With my mother in the same room they never once asked her how she was doing or speaking to her for that matter. When my father in law was hit by a car my mother called to ask if there was anything they could do. Human Decency !! But again the apple never falls far from the tree. When you scheme and manipulate all your life that's all you are. This is what I am stuck with people.

Saturday, November 17, 2007


So right now I am typing this very message sitting in a funky ass karate class. I would rather be shot in the face with a can of hot acid Not my idea to be here trust me. My sil and my husbands niece are testing for their belts. Honestly I find this whole thing a bit stupid. I'm watching these people and if you fought like this in a REAL FIGHT you would get your ass kicked. For the sake and peace of my home I was forced to come here.
I'll give you a quick run down. Want to know who took me shopping for maternity clothes?
Who called the hospital when we were told we might lose our son or he may be born with problems.
My friends, My family and My Boss. My husbands co-workers sent stuff. To credit his mother did call.
Who calls us only when the want something?
I keep saying it over and over these people are so disrespectful its beyond belief.
I'm trying to keep my mouth closed because day by day I fear the day when it is going to open.
I'm not sure what will come out of it or just what I will do.
I'd rather be at Linens and Things or Target. Not sitting here in this hot funky ass shit hole.
I have to say in a bit of humor I wish someone would knock one of them out.
Then perhaps the trip would be worth it. Either one would be good. Both would be better.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Just Beating My Head Against The Wall

Wow, Where do I even begin. So our beautiful son is here and he is healthy. We had a lot of problems and it was very scary. Thankfully God heard our prayers and our son is here safe and sound. The in-laws are still crazy and I so wish we could move far away. We started house hunting for a larger house and my sister in law is about to pass out. She can't understand why I want to move. All of her comments start with " If I were you......" Well dummy you aren't me.
I started my own business and it's going very well and they can't stand it. I am constantly being asked so where are you getting the stuff you sell. How are you turning such a big profit. His sister doesn't work and has been looking for a way to earn extra money. I'm like get off your ass and get your own idea. I bust my butt to do all the research do you honestly think I'm just going to hand it over to you. Not only do they use me they attempt to use my friends. My mother in law called us night and day to get my friends to finance her second home. They were doing her a favor and not charging her anything. They explained everything to her. As soon as she got the information she needed she went and financed the house else where. She thinks she is so slick. She will ask you the same question several times to get the answer she wants. Oh it just goes on and on. My husband is in total denial. He thinks his mother is so innocent and so sweet. No woman who has had three husbands and three kids with different fathers is innocent. Innocent my ass. That old cougar has been around the block more times than Elizabeth Taylor. Every weekend I dread the thought of them coming for a visit. I would never think of leaving my husband my the thought has crossed my mind to gas up my car and skip town. These people are blood thirsty vampires who live to annoy the hell out of me.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Brand New Day

Well hello world. Where do I begin ? More than ever I am convinced my in-laws have a severe form of social retardation. Thankfully I don't have to deal with them as much as I use to. Believe me this is a blessing. There are only so many chances you can give someone before you just give up. My sister in law is a very jealous person. She makes rude comments and has been wearing the same shade of dreadful red lipstick for years. She must have purchased that shade in bulk. It's the worst color ever. I think after Mr. Nasty (my zinger ego) surfaced a few times they got the drift that I will not eat crap nor will I ask for seconds. I don't send the Christmas or Birthday cards just to further distance myself. So let them eat cake as long as they are not in my presence.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

SERENITY NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Serenity Now, I scream as I want to beat my own head against the wall . I fell as if I am caught in a bad episode of Bloopers, Oh how I wish that were the case. So the Christmas Holidays are over and no matter how I try I can't win. My sister in-law just left me a message on my voicemail stating that her daughter has hives and she thinks she caught them from my house. WTF !!!! There is no possible way that could have happened I am constantly walking around with those Clorox wipes and my swiffer mop ready to mop up any little spill. This woman is beyond a trip she turned down a family vacation on a cruise ship for fear of catching an illness.
How dare her accuse my home of making her brat sick. Her home is the grossest house I've ever been in. She hates to clean and is always and I do mean always covererd in dog and cat hair. They are ALWAYS sick, like sick year round. I want to give her the number to the nearest shrink. Leave it to ruin a perfect family get together witch was trouble from the start. Serenity Now !!!

Saturday, October 01, 2005


Ohh this is going to be a good one ! I hate a bad child and worse I hate the parent that thinks their child is just smart. I believe children should be seen and not heard. In my not so long ago day if you put your 2 cents into an adult conversation your butt was going to be burning.
Now should I dare say I have inherited a brat niece. The queen of back talk she is. I would like to show her butt the back of a belt. I try to stay away from her for fear how I think she needs an hour long butt spanking may just fly out of my mouth. Even her mothers friends make fun of her wondering what dreadful thing she may do. The sad thing is her mother doesn't realize her friends are making fun of her. I give this kid a few more years before she is going out the window late at night. They think everything she says and does is cute and it's so not. She is an annoying funny looking little kid. I look at her and think you are so pathetic you are letting this kid run all over you. Just a sample when my sister in law was pregnant she had a little condition that caused some concern and while she was sleeping her demon spawn 5 year old shook her stomach. Naturally it startled her and she asked the Omen child what she was doing she replied " I don't want another baby in this house" Hello!!!!! Paging the A$$ Beating. Another sample her mother tells her to stop doing something she defiantly looks her mother dead in the face and continues to do it. Bad children usually become terrible teens going on to terrible adults.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Look out the Ship is Going Down " Titanic"

First I would like to start today's post with a long "S----I----G---H !" So last night we got the phone call from my mother in law . My husband leaves the room and my first thought is, here we go. Let the drama begin. Here is the break down of the story. My husband and I got married in August and now that we have purchased a home his mother has decided to box up ALL is childhood items and sent them my way. Her husband is taking all the necessary test to get his PhD. Hurricane Rita was a concern as he was already worried about his test and wanted to come a day early. We had plans Friday night but being the soft hearted sucker I am I said yea sure come on. He gets here safely and my husband immediately notices the car is full of boxes.
Mind you we have brought some of his stuff before from visits. So here is the slicker he doesn't leave it Friday night. He goes and spends Sat. and Sunday night with my sister in law. He calls Monday saying he is on his way over. He was suppose to spend the night Monday. He comes by ditches the crap and announces he is leaving. I got no warning this crap was coming nor was I asked if it was okay. So here we are. I let my husband know right away I felt taken advantage of. I felt totally disrespected. As if to say I don't care that you are his wife I'm cleaning out my house and you're going to take this stuff. What the f$%% ! Here comes Mr. Nasty I let everybody know I was not happy and this JUNK was out of here. So back to the phone call.
The phone gets handed to me and by the sound of the voice on the other end I'm thinking somebody is dead. My question was if the test and the hurricane were such a concern it took some time to load all that crap up. I felt I was tricked ! I also stated this crap was his before we got married why is it an emergency that he take possession of it NOW !She is crying, my husband is crying very awkward position to be in. She thinks I don't like her and I don't want her to come visit blah blah blah. I told her forget the stuff I had already decided my course of action. Please stop crying ! How all of a sudden did I become the recipient of the Guilt Trip. I'm so not a crier so I don't do well crying. I always feel the Victim Flag is waving high for all to see. So after a Long, Long conversation I finally went to bed. My question is WHEN DOES THE DRAMA END?
I do love my mother in law but I also have to stand my ground. Some of that crap should have seen the trash can a long time ago. She asked if sooner or later my parents would be sending my things. I told her we threw that crap out years ago. My mother kept some things and I have a scrapbook but we don't like clutter at my mothers house. I 'm going to be on the look out for a time machine (Micheal Jackson style) so at certain times I can just transport myself to a tropical island with a good stiff drink.